January 17, 2022

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LoL: Patch 12.1 has Teleport changes, new edges and nerfs in Rek’Sai

are you ready to start season 2022 of League of Legends? THE patch 12.1 it will be the first update of the year, so it will bring few buffs and nerfs. The most expressive changes are in the summoner spell. teleport, in addition to updating the system for decaying ranks into higher links.

The new update will also feature a tournament Clash, as well as the arrival of two skins Elderberry and new ranked edges. It is expected that in the next update we will already have the arrival of the Zeri, new LoL champion.

LoL Patch 11.21 Champions Buffs and Nerfs



  • 40% pdh multiplier for 50%
  • Damage dealt to monsters 250% for 300%



  • Mana cost 60/55/50/45/40 for 55/50/45/40/35
  • Recharge time 5s for 4.5s

Rek’s out

And (off the ground)

  • Physical damage 50/60/70/80/90 (+85% additional damage) for 55/60/65/70/75 (+85% additional tax)

And (underground)

  • Recharge time 26/23/20/17/14 seconds for 26/24/22/20/18 seconds


base attributes

  • Armor Growth 3.3 for 3


  • Recharge time 12s for 14s

Item changes in patch 12.1 of LoL


  • Always Crescent Moon cooldown (melee) 6s for 8s

Force of nature

  • Absorption stack duration 5s for 7s
  • Dispel Magic Damage Reduction 20% for 25%

immortal bow shield

  • attack damage 55 for 50
  • Lifeguard Shield 300 – 800 (based on level) for 275 – 650 (based on level)

Limit of reason

  • Building Tree: Thermestre Ax + Negatron Cape + Long Sword + 750 Gold for Termestrel Ax + Void Spell Cloak + Pickax + 675 gold (total cost unchanged)
  • Magic Resistance 50 for 40

Change in Teleport

  • Cooldown: 420-210s (based on level) for 360 at all levels
  • New Effect – Unrestricted Teleport: Teleport can only be used on friendly towers. Once the barricades fall, at 14 minutes, the Teleport turns into Unrestricted Teleport, which can be used on allied towers, troops, sentries and certain allied structures (as well as the Season 2021 Teleport)
  • Unrestricted Teleport cooldown: 240s

Clash, start of competitive season and new edges

The first patch of the year will feature the Clash God of the Forge. Team building will begin at January 10th, and the tournament will be in the January 15th and 16th. The rewards will be as follows:

  • 3 trophies
  • 3 flags
  • 5 team logos

The competitive season of the ranked on LoL will start on the day January 7th Starting at 4h.

LoL Patch 12.1 will also feature the arrival of visual updates on the borders and icons of each link. The following changes were made:

  • Ranked Armor morphed into Ranked Badges! You can check out the new look of ranks on Profile, on the ranked page, in departure halls and in the friends list.
  • Ranked Badges also feature ~*environmental magic*~! Uhul!
  • The loading screen frames have been updated to match the new Ranked Badges.
  • Several parts of the departure hall interface have been reorganized to be more clear.

New LoL Patch 12.1 Skins

LoL Patch 12.1 will also feature the arrival of two new skins: Gnar Elder and Rek’Sai Elder, both with Chromas.

Rek’Sai Elderberry (Image: Riot Games)
Gnar Elderberry (Image: Riot Games)

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