January 17, 2022

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CS:GO: Recall Major Team Changes in 2021

The year 2021 at CS:GO had several surprises in terms of team changes. This year, there were four-time major champions leaving the team, the Brazilian captain going to play with an American team and more. Therefore, the more sports helps you remember the main team changes in 2021 in CS:GO.

Although the list of the main team changes is not in order of importance, the first move was the one that most surprised in 2021.

Remember the main team changes in 2021

device leaves Astralis towards NiP

device when it was announced on NiP (Image: Disclosure/NiP)

Considered one of the greatest in CS:GO history – if not the best – device made its history at Astralis. The player played for the Danish team between 2016 and 2021 and during this period raised 4 major titles, in addition to several other relevant titles.

This victorious trajectory came to an end in April 2021, when device announced the departure of Astralis and, on the same day, was hired by NiP. In the new house, he has not won big titles so far.

FalleN is hired by Team Liquid

BLAST World Final
FalleN in action with Team Liquid (Photo: Disclosure/Team Liquid)

Another move that surprised the scene was that of FalleN by Liquid. The North Americans signed the Brazilian idol in the first days of January, after FalleN had been away from the MIBR cast since September 2020.

This was the first time FalleN joined an international cast on CS:GO. The partnership came to an end almost a year later with the departure of FalleN, Grim and Stewie2K. The cast won cs_summit 8. For 2022, FalleN must participate in Last Dance.

dupreeh, Magisk and zonic outside Astralis

Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen, Astralis player (Photo; HLTV)
Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen, Astralis player (Photo; HLTV)

In addition to losing device, Astralis said goodbye to three other members who were true addicts to winning. zonic and dupreeh won four majors with the team, while Magisk won three.

The departure of the trio took place, even after a weak campaign in the major. The Danes won just one game in four played on the Legends Stage of the PGL Major Stockholm and were eliminated from the tournament before the playoffs. The trio has yet to announce where they will play next year.

JW says goodbye to Fnatic

Photo of JW as a Fnatic player
JW during IEM Katowice 2019. (Photo: Disclosure/Turtle Entertainment)

Another player who marked the organization’s history and left the team this year was JW. The player had his first spell at Fnatic between 2013 and 2016 and, in this period, won 3 majors. In early 2017, the player returned to the team and stayed there until October 2021.

At 26, JW left Fnatic and his future is still uncertain.

Liquid’s Twistzz for FaZe

Twistzz with FaZe at PGL Major Stockholm
Twistzz with FaZe at PGL Major Stockholm (Photo: Disclosure/PGL)

Owner of one of the sharpest crosshairs in CS:GO, Twistzz entered 2021 with a new home. The player left Liquid – and gave space to FalleN -, to be hired by the FaZe Clan.

The Canadian was at Liquid since 2017 and won 9 titles with the team, such as ESL One Cologne 2019, IEM Chicago 2019 and DH Masters Dallas 2019. However, he hasn’t achieved the same results at FaZe so far.

coldzera leaves FaZe for coL

Complexity Announces Coldzera as Substitute
Complexity announces coldzera as alternate (Image: Disclosure/Complexity)

At FaZe since 2019, coldzera was Twistzz’s teammate this year. The partnership did not yield big titles and, in September, the Brazilian announced that he would temporarily work for Complexity.

For coL, coldzera competed in tournaments on the BLAST circuit and the RMRs in search of a spot in the major. However, the team did not get the spot. In November, he left the team.

The player was quoted to participate in Last Dance, but alongside TACO he denied participation. The results of ge and The Enemy indicate that cold trades with 00Nation.

TACO out of MIBR towards GODSENT

TACO, captain of GODSENT, at PGL Major Stockholm (Photo: Disclosure/PGL)

Although the MIBR had announced the departure of TACO in 2020, the relationship between the two parties ended only in January of this year. The two-time major champion was part of the largest Brazilian squad, which was hired in 2018.

After being free of the contract, TACO bet on a new project. In January, he announced that he would participate in GODSENT with former teammate felps and three new players. The lineup grew during the year and managed to qualify for the major.

yel, chelo, boltz and shz for MIBR

boltz MIBR
boltz, MIBR player (Photo: Playback/MIBR)

Felps, who joined TACO at GODSENT, was alongside the quartet hired by MIBR. In 2020, the squad defended BOOM and dominated the Brazilian scenario, having won tournaments such as GC Masters V, two stages of CBCS and FiReLEAGUE 2020: Global Finals.

yel, chelo, boltz and shz teamed up with damage on MIBR. The quintet played in international tournaments, but did not get good results. Back in March, the team hired exit, which in the future took over as Danoco. With the new lineup, MIBR was champion of CBCS Elite League S1.

Formation of The Plan and going to 00Nation

Image of O Plano ad at 00Nation
00 Nation lineup (Photo: Publicity/00Nation)

The year 2021 also saw the formation of a new cast. Earlier this year, cogu announced a lineup with six players: kNg, trk, HEN1, LUCAS1, leo_drk and VSM. In May, the sextet started working for TAG de O Plano, as an independent project.

It wasn’t until July that players found a home. The team was hired by 00Nation with the right to a gaming house in Oslo, Norway. 00Nation did not get good results and made changes in their lineup: they moved HEN1 and LUCAS1 to the bench.

fer back to active at 00Nation

fer 00nation
fer is announced at 00Nation (Photo: Reproduction)

To fill the vacancy in the cast, 00Nation hired fer. The two-time major champion had worked for Imperial for just three months as a stand-in before joining the team.

In the new house, fer stayed for a short time. The player returned to Brazil in early December and said he will not remain in the team for next year. Fer is expected to join FalleN in Last Dance.

For the next year, what do you believe will be the main team changes? Will Last Dance really happen and make the 2022 list?

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